Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 8 (September 26th) - Returning to Jakarta

The last day was quite uneventful. I continue packing some of my things and had a lunch before my uncle and auntie drive me to the airport. The check-in process was, however, quite unpleasant. It was an extremely long queue on the Qantas economy class check-in (I guess that's the way Qantas do business, everywhere). We were queuing when a Qantas staff told some of the people to follow her, to the business class check-in counter (obviously to reduce the queue). After the check-in completes, the check-in agent told us to queue on the economy class next time (as he is in a business class check-in counter). Not a big deal but I guess that's kinda rude since it's not our intention to queue there initially (the staff told us to!). Maybe next time I'll try Singapore Airlines instead.

(On the way to the airport)

(The duty free shopping area)

The airport itself was actually under some renovation in some parts. After checking in, I proceed to the security check and immigration. I stop by one of the duty free shop to buy some more chocolates. Not far away is the waiting area and boarding gate, nowhere as big as Singapore's Changi airport. While waiting, I tried a vending machine, which happens to also accept credit cards. I bought a big bottle of lemonade with a Visa card, and brought it into the plane later on. So I guess we're allowed to bring liquids into the aircraft afterall :P . The Singapore Airlines' A380 is also waiting on another gate. Since I don't like Qantas, I suppose I'd try it next time.

(The Singapore Airlines' A380)

(The waiting area is rather dull)

(The Boeing 767 which took me back to Jakarta)

The flight back to Jakarta was quite uneventful. Immigration queue in CGK was quite normal, but it took quite some time for the baggage to come out on the carousel. The one week of journey ends here, but I'll be working in Sydney soon so there will be much more story to come.

-Andrian Kurniady

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