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Day 3 (September 21st) - Wandering Around Sydney

On the Sunday morning, we had to the Four Points by Sheraton hotel at Darling Harbour, which is about ten minutes of walking away. Before departing, I took some time to take some photos of the Hyde Park and skyline behind it from the windows of our hotel rooms. In that morning, Andoko Chandra (my roommate for the next two nights) sent a message telling that he's already in Sydney, and already checked in to the Four Points.

(The view from our hotel room in Sydney Marriott Hotel)

During our stay at the hotel, Irvan had his laptop plugged in the room's internet cable, but he happened not be able to unplug it as the RJ45 jack was broken. The jack's retainer appears to be broken halfway, such that it prevent the jack from being unplugged from the laptop. To our surprise, Irvan solved the problem with a bread-knife (the kind that you use to put butter on your bread), the hard way: he laboriously cut the UTP cable. Fortunately we didn't got charged for that upon check-out though (so don't tell, okay? :P ).

A bit later in the morning, we checked out from the hotel and walked for around 15 minutes to the Four Points in Darling Harbour. Prima, Ardian, Irvan, and Bramandia queued for a while for check in (Andoko already checked in for our room so I did not have to queue). We went to our rooms, which has the view toward the city. Although this hotel is more expensive than the Marriott, we found that the rooms are significantly smaller in contrast to the "luxurious" Marriott room. However, it was still a nice room with two single beds.

(The road intersection near the Darling Park office towers)

After settling with the rooms, we then proceed for another day of city tour. Irvan decided not to join us and stays at the hotel. For this day, Sophie accompanied us again along with one friend of hers (Rudi). The first place we visited was the Paddy's Market, just ten minutes walking to the South. There we had our lunch and bought a few pieces of souvenirs. As it was Sunday, the area including the nearby Chinatown was quite crowded.

(The Market City building)

Done with the souvenir-shopping, we decided to go to the Bondi Beach, which is located in the East of Sydney downtown. To go there, we had to walk for about ten minutes to the Central train station. On the way, we passed through the entrance of Chinatown.

(The Chinatown's gate)

(This old European-style building is the Central train station)

 We took a train to Bondi Junction from there, and continue to the beach by bus. It was around 2pm by the time we arrived at the beach, and the sun was brightly shining through the cloudless sky.

(The beach was quite crowded)

(A lot of birds enjoying the bright day too :P )

It was Spring, and as the weather was starting to get warmer, many people go to the beach that weekend. The sun was quite bright at that time, so taking photos are a bit difficult as well.

(Bramandia, Ardian KP, Prima, Sophie, and Rudi)

(Nice view from the bus stop)

We took several photos and walked around for around one hour, after which we decided to go back the city. The bus stop for buses going back to Bondi Junction is located a bit uphill on the other side of the beach. The bus journey back was significantly longer due to the traffic, and we arrived back to the city at around 5pm.

While we're wandering around, Irvan happens to meet several other Code Jammers who arrived at the hotel. There are some of his IOI friends participating too, obviously. They seem to have a plan to go out for dinner together that night too, so we decided to go with them later on. Until then, we rested for a while in the rooms. I decided to leave my cameras for the night, unfortunately.

By the scheduled time (around 7pm), we went down to the lobby and found many Code Jammers were not there yet. We wait for a while and decided to go to a Chinese restaurant near Paddy's market to have our dinner. The restaurant, although a bit small, serves delicious noodles and other Chinese dishes. We go back to the hotel after that, and had a few rounds of the game "Mafia". If I'm not mistaken, John Dethridge also came later that night to say hello.

I had a problem remembering names, but I think there was a participant from Phillipines, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, and of course, Indonesia. The contest on the next day would be interesting for sure.

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-Andrian Kurniady

(All photos are copyrighted, please ask for permission before reproducing)


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