Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 2 (September 20th) - Arrival in Sydney

The flight arrived like about half an hour earlier than the scheduled 6:35am in Sydney, but was followed by quite frustrating queues before the immigration (about 45minutes) followed by another some 45minutes queue for the customs (maybe it's the peak spring travel season?). By the time we got out of the arrival hall, it was nearly 8am already. I was picked up by my uncle and cousin who live in Sydney, while Irvan joined the other Indonesian team arriving from Singapore (Ardian KP, Prima, and Bramandia).

I went to my auntie and uncle's house (which is located near the airport), while the other Indonesian Code Jammers went downtown to check in to the hotel, visited the opera house, and also visited the Taronga zoo.

After staying and having some rest in my auntie and uncle's house for some hours, my uncle drove me downtown to leave my luggage in the Sydney Marriott Hotel (where we're going to stay for a night) and drop me in Circular Quay to join the friends who are on their way back from Taronga zoo.

(My first shot of Sydney)

(Sydney Opera House, the icon of Sydney)

(A closer look)

In the meanwhile, I walked around Circular Quay to take quite many shots. Among the objects are the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the harbour itself, and many others.

(A view of the Sydney Harbour)

(Some birds in the park as well)

It was about 5pm at that time, the sun was well down in the West which brings a golden glow on the Opera House. It looks much better during these time of day compared to the later shots taken at mid day.

(Another shot of the Opera House, with a bird in the foreground)

(The Sydney Harbour Bridge)

Finally the others got back to the ferry pier, and we decided to take some more photos together.

(Ardian KP, Irvan Jahja, Me, and Bramandia)

(Irvan Jahja, Bramandia, Ardian KP, and Prima)

Finished with the photos, we returned to the Marriott hotel with a train as the sky turned darker. We got off at the Museum station which is located inside the Hyde Park, just across the hotel.

(A somewhat spooky monument in the middle of Hyde Park)

I claimed by luggage which was left previously with the concierge, and went to the room which I shared with Irvan Jahja. To my surprise, our room in Marriott hotel is quite big. Our twin room have two big beds (1.5 size, I guess), and the bathroom was big as well.

(The hotel room, taken with a ultra wide angle lens)

(The bathroom, quite big isn't it?)

Having some rest for a while (Irvan worked on his laptop), I took some photos out of the hotel window. Unfortunately the window was not so clean so the photos looks a bit weird (and spooky too).

(Nightshot of the Sydney skyline)

At around 8pm, Ardian KP's cousin Sophie and her friends met us at the hotel and took us out for dinner. After some walking, we decided to have it in a Japanese restaurant in which we had to wait for a while for it to have space for the nine persons. I ordered the Kaisen-don (rice topped with raw salmon with mayonaise) which turned out to be great.

(Kaisen-don, the raw-salmon-rice)

(Bramandia, Ardian KP, Prima, Me, Irvan Jahja)

After the dinner, we walked around Darling Harbour for a while, which is quite near the Japanese restaurant in which we had dinner.

(Western side of Darling Harbour)

(Eastern side of Darling Harbour)

(Another view to the South)

Located close to the Darling Harbour on the West side is the Star City, a hotel and casino site, if I'm not mistaken. It has quite a unique entrance architecture so we took another series of photos.

(A unique circular building near Star City)

(The entrance)

(Another group photo)

(A unique decorative water show)

On our way back, we took the path through the bridge which crosses the Darling Harbour for another series of different views.

(An decorated old-fashioned ship)

(The walking paths viewed from higher point)

(Nice view to the NorthEast too)

(The East side, with some parked boats)

It took some ten minutes on foot to return from Darling Harbour to the Marriott hotel. On the way, we visited a convenience store and bought some instant foods and some drinks for the night and day after (our room even has a microwave inside). It was time to rest after that, as it was already midnight when we got back to the hotel.

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-Andrian Kurniady

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