Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 1 (September 19th) - Preparation and Departure

The preparation for this visit to Sydney was a bit rushed, in my opinion. But fortunately everything was set and ready when the time to depart came. My Australian visa was ready about a week before departure (a business visa), while the tickets was not finalized until two days before departure. I also had my new PDA phone (an HTC Touch Cruise, yay!) purchased just less than a week before departure, so I had not got enough time to fill it up with applications other than some GPS maps and musics. For this visit, I borrow a camera lens from my friend Cindy (a Nikon 18-135mm AFS DX lens) which turned out to be great (except for its clumsy plastic lens mount - which is nowhere as sturdy as the metal mount on all of my other lenses).

On the departure day (Friday the 19th), I still had to attend a class in the JWC campus. I normally don't have classes on Friday, but this one was a reschedule class of the User Interface Engineering which are normally had on Monday (annoying eh?). I left the class early at around 5pm and rushed all the way to the airport after that, to find myself arriving there at around 7pm, just about the right time to check in.

As planned, I met Irvan Jahja, another Indonesian participating in the Google Code Jam onsite regionals, in the airport. To our surprise, the queue for the Qantas flight was awfully long (wasted nearly one hour just queueing, what a service :P ), since the flight had some 300 to 400 passengers and there are only like two or three counters serving the queue for economy class passengers. Never had a queue that long ever, even the queue for mass re-check-in after the Calgary storm was somewhat much more efficient. Thanks but next time I'll choose Singapore Airlines if I had the chance. While queuing, I met a fellow Binusian, Fendy Tjin, who are also travelling in the same flight to Sydney.

After the not-so-pleasant queue, we went out to have some dinner in a fast food restaurant out there (Hoka Hoka Bento). Returning inside to pay for the departure tax (IDR 1 million for each person travelling - only in Indonesia :P ) after that. The queue for immigration, the waiting in the waiting room, and the departure were nothing special. This time, it was a Boeing 767-300 aircraft serving the Qantas QF42 flight to Sydney. If you want to know, this aircraft don't even have a seatback LCD screen in the economy class seats (all SQ and Cathay aircraft I travelled in seems to have it, this Qantas one looks soo 90s). However, the aircraft feels quite powerful when climbing and making turns, compared to bigger aircrafts such as the 777 or 747.

The flight itself was scheduled to take around 5 hours and will arrive at the next morning, so the story will continue to the next post.

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-Andrian Kurniady

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