Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 7 (April 11th) - Tour of Downtown Vancouver

Being quite exhausted from the previous day, I woke up a bit late at around 8-9am. After having breakfast in the hotel, we went out (except Timotius, who chose to stay in the hotel) and bought the day pass for public transport on the nearby shop (as suggested by Anastasia). After asking the locals, we boarded the bus to downtown Vancouver (it's a kind of electric bus attached to the wire along the road.

We changed to another bus in Chinatown, which takes us directly to the Stanley Park (there's a bus stop inside the park). The park itself is quite big, filled with big trees, and have several beaches around.

(Inside the park)

(In another direction)

(It's still Spring: flowers everywhere)

(More flowers)

Around the park, we encountered several ducks and squirrels. Looks like they live happily in there :P .

(A lonely duck...)

(A squirrel)

(A bridge)

The Vancouver Aquarium is also located inside the park. We did not enter though, since it's not free :P . We had some lunch (I had a Panini) at the food stall in the front of the aquarium. Ms. Henny (and Ms. Yenlina) entered the souvenir shop and bought some items as well.

(Vancouver Aquarium entrance)

(Frogs Forever?)

(The icon of the Vancouver Aquarium)

(This active baby boy says hello to a baby girl :D )

There are several walking pathways inside the park, as well as several landmarks such as a house, some weird-shaped trees, and beaches. From the beaches, we can see the Downtown Vancouver or the Northern Vancouver (looks like an industrial area) depends on the direction.

(A house in the middle of the park)

(The view on the Eastern beach)

The other side of the park have different sets of plants. These trees were not yet reached their Spring time yet, unlike others.

(Leafless trees, waiting for Spring)

(Even the grass have tiny flowers too)

(A lovely setting surrounding a kid's playground)

(The Western shore)

(A cannon near the Northest point of the park)

We had quite a limited time to tour around the park and some of us are quite tired walking as well, so we did not make it to other sites in the park such as the Northest point (I bet the views would be amazing there) as well as the Southern beaches (which supposedly have the real sand, unlikethe ugly beaches in the Northern part).

(A bird on the mermaid statue)

(The Northest point of the park)

(Some blossoming cherry tree on our way back)

(The wideangle lens I brought is really useful when shooting trees from a close distance, something common in a park like this)

At around 3pm, we decided to go back to the bus stop to have a ride to the downtown. With the team going to a shopping mall, I decided to part from the team to meet Anastasia at a skytrain station. We had a short tour walking around the downtown, and she pointed that Vancouver have sooo many Starbucks around. Some of them are even located facing each other just across a street. So Canadians really like coffee that much, eh?


(Another one)

(One more)

(Two of them in one intersection)

It's now around 5pm, and we decided to visit a mall in the suburb of Burnaby as well as having our dinner in a sushi restaurant over there. We said goodbye as we're taking skytrains in the opposite directions from Burnaby. Around an hour later I arrived in the hotel and found out that the others are already back.

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-Andrian Kurniady

(All photos are copyrighted, please ask for permission before reproducing)


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Anastasia said...

Too bad u didn't get a chance to go to English Bay. It's on the other side of the park.. and it's amaaaaaaaziiing.. x]

and yes... Vancouverities do love coffee that much. ;p