Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 10 (April 14th) - Short Visit to Downtown Singapore, Return to Jakarta

In the last day of the journey, some of us decided to go to downtown Singapore. As Indonesians, we do not need any visa to enter Singapore. Passing through the immigration, we took the MRT right into the city. We visited a couple of malls around Orchard road, unfortunately at 9am Kinokuniya had not yet opened. I decided then to visit the Sim Lim Square to find if there were interesting computer parts being offered (unfortunately nothing was interesting in particular). The short visit ended at around noon when we decided to return to the airport.

We had our lunch in the airport, after which we waited for our last flight to Jakarta. The 10-days long journey was completely over as we boarded the plane and arrived in Jakarta safely.

-Andrian Kurniady