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Day 2 (April 6th) - A Visit to Lake Louise and Registration

Not having enough sleep due to the jetlag yet, we managed to wake up at around 8am in the morning and had some breakfast in the hotel. Since we arrived the day before at night, we haven't actually seen how the hotel look like. It turns out that it, like the photos of it available in the internet, looks like an old castle. Surrounding it is a combination of forest, mountains, and a river.

(The view of Bow River - our room had windows viewing this direction)

We tried asking about how to get to Lake Louise to the hotel reception desk, and was advised to take the ski shuttle to Lake Louise ski area first, the latest of which was to depart at around 10am. While waiting for the bus, I took some pictures of the exterior of the hotel.

(The main building of the hotel, looks just like a castle)

Our bus stops in a couple of places in downtown Banff, which is a lovely little town just across the Bow river from the Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel. Lake Louise is about 30 to 45 minutes drive from the town of Banff, through the highway surrounded by several rivers, lakes, and mountains.

(The highway, which runs from Calgary to the West through Banff and Lake Louise)

(Several rivers and lakes along the way)

(Castle Mountain, which looks just like a castle)

Since there is no direct shuttle to Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (where the lake is actually located), we have to change bus at the ski area.

(Lake Louise ski area)

Another bus shuttle takes us to Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, a luxurious hotel that is located next to the Lake Louise, which was still completely frozen at that time.

(Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise)

The lake is still completely frozen in April, and not going to melt until late May. From what I heard, it will look significantly more beautiful when it's not frozen. There was also a skating area just behind the Fairmont hotel, but unfortunately I haven't got the chance to skate at that time.

(A small hut on the side of the frozen lake)

(Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier on the background)

(A small river draining water from Lake Louise and the glacier)

(A horse-drawn carriage passing by)

We decided to have our lunch in the Fairmont before boarding the shuttle back to the ski area to catch the first bus back to Banff, which was about to depart on around 2pm. While waiting for the shuttle in the ski area, I managed to take some more photos.

(The views around the ski area)

Back to the hotel, we decided to go back to the room and have a nap until the registration is ready, since we haven't slept enough the night before due to the late-night arrival and jetlag.

(Kenny, Timo, and me)

By around 5pm, we went down to the registration room. Even though we are not scheduled to register until 8pm, we are allowed to register at that time since at that time the registration desks were not so crowded.

(A cute mascot in the registration room)

(The registration desk, to be visited left-to-right)

We went back to the room to leave the notebooks and other stuffs (T-shirts, certificates, schedules, etc.) before having dinner.

(The whole team in the dining hall)

(An owl exhibited just in the hallway)

After dinner, we decided to visit the Cybercafe, which is located quite far away in another building adjacent to the main building of the hotel. We passed through the registration room once again, and was able to reach the Cybercafe through the passages and a bridge. It took a couple of attempts to get the correct way.

(The registration room, from the above)

The interior was lit by reddish tungsten lights resembling candle lights. White balancing the shot was a bit difficult, but I managed to use a small fill-in flash to desaturate the scene a bit, resulting in a balanced shot below.

(One of many passages on the way to Cybercafe)

The Cybercafe, which is common to all recent world finals, provides numerous computer terminals to be used by the teams and other guests to access the internet. Along with that is a presentation of several recent development of IBM technologies. This time, they also provide a Nitendo Wii connected to an LCD projector where the guests can have some rounds of tennis game with it. Not much else for the second day, I guess.

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-Andrian Kurniady

(All photos are copyrighted, please ask for permission before reproducing)


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