Saturday, April 19, 2008

ACM ICPC World Finals 2008 - Banff, Canada

The 32nd ACM ICPC World Finals was held in April 6 until 9, 2008 in Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada. Top 100 teams out of 6700 teams participating in the regionals were invited to attend the competition, which was held in the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, located in the town of Banff, which is located in Banff National Park - the biggest national park in Canada located in the state of Alberta. Last year, the event was held in Tokyo, Japan.

This is the fourth time our university (Bina Nusantara University) participated in the ACM ICPC World Finals, and my second (and therefore, last) world finals. This time, our team consist of myself, Timotius Sakti, and Kenny Hartono, along with Ms. Henny Suryaningsih as our coach. We were awarded a wildcard because we got the fourth place in Taipei site. Because in this year BiNus will also organize an ACM ICPC Asian Regional Contest in Jakarta, Mr. Sablin Yusuf and Ms. Yenlina Prasetio also came with us to Banff, to attend the Regional Contest Directors meeting as RCD and vice RCD.

This event for me is a very long and interesting story, since so many things happened along the way and as usual, the World Finals was an amazing event. The stories will be posted in a chronological order :

During the 10 days, I took a few more than 2000 photos and we taped nearly 10 hours (10 miniDVs) of video. Photos attached to the stories are copyrighted and as usual, you may contact me if you need to reproduce (copy) or use it for other purposes.


-Andrian Kurniady


Andrés said...

Hello Andrian, I can't wait to read your write-up!

Also I wanted to ask if you could upload the source-codes of the problems you solved with the write-up. I like your solutions, specially those with dynamic programming and your usual "dpmat".

Kurniady said...

Thanks for your interest :)

Unfortunately for the World Finals, I don't have the copy of the source code... but I'll try to retype the printed version of the codes if it is available (we did print some sourcecodes but it will take some time to gather and convert).


akhmad said...

bang kurniady...tolong donk bikin tutorial tentang dynamic programming...coz lagi belajar nich..n bang kurniady kan 'makanan harian'-nya dynamic programming :) tapi pake bahasa indonesia ya... (nawar lagi...^_^) moga banyak pahalanya..n ngomong2 kalo belajar dynamic programming bagusnya belajar apa dulu?or buku /tutorial yang bagus utk pemula apa?


Andrés said...

Andrian, did you solve problem K - Steam roller during the competence?

I'm not sure if it is to be solved using Dijkstra's algorithm or is a dynamic programming problem. Can you give me some tip for the solution?


P.D: I was going to send you this in an email, but couldn't find your address in the blog.

Kurniady said...

I believe it's plain Dijkstra problem. The state is (Node, Direction, Speed). Although on the competition day I coded something like BFS-style Dynamic Programming which is a bit slower than Dijkstra (but easier to code, I guess).


yas said...


I want anserws of ACM questions (World Final 2008) for my project.
if you know answers , please email me.

bb said...

can you help me about problem I: "Password Suspects".
I wrote it and i think it correct but it has not accepted by online judge. do you have some test cases? or can you check my solution, please!!!
thanks a lot...

Sembunyi said...

Menyimak dulu aja deh... sapa tau dapet ilmunya :)