Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 7 (November 28th) - Return to Jakarta

The last day of our trip started with another breakfast in McDonalds, after which I visited the Wan Chai computer centre to look for some NAS harddrive enclosure (which I did not found with a reasonable price). Kenny also went there with us and bought a MP4 player, helped by Ms. Henny who negotiated for some bonus with the purchase. Most of the shops in there are not yet open in 10am, and some of them open as late as 11:45am.

In the meanwhile, Timo went to the library to enjoy the free internet connection. We arrived back to the Hostel at sometime past noon, checked out, and took the A11 bus back to the airport.

The check in process in the airport was not that smooth. We are told that our Cathay Pacific flight was overbooked and got bumped into China Airlines flight which are scheduled for 10 minutes later (in practice, it departed even later and arrived late as well) - all of that without any compensation whatsoever. The China Airlines flight was not that convenient as well, although it's still okay, it's nowhere to be compared to the service of Cathay Pacific. After the lengthy check-in process, we passed through the immigration and security check which took quite some time because of the crowd.

While waiting for the plane, I have some ramen from Ajisen Ramen for lunch. It's more expensive than in Jakarta, but the taste was quite the same - which is excellent. We went to the boarding gate of the China Airlines and found that it is already crowded, and this time I suddenly feel the "Indonesian atmosphere" since there are some people not honoring the fairness of queuing. The plane boarded late, and it departed late as well.

The arrival in Jakarta was quite usual and unsurprising. I was back home after 7 days and 6 nights overseas.

-Andrian Kurniady