Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day 5 (November 26th) - Departure to Hong Kong

The fifth day was partly used for wandering around Taipei, and unfortunately I did not take any picture on this day. Started the day with a breakfast provided by the organizing committee, we checked out of the hostel and leave our luggage there. Went to the Taipei City Hall MRT station and visited the adjacent Taipei City Mall (台北地下街).

Unfortunately, the map in Taipei is quite weird. The North direction in the maps is not always pointing up, therefore making navigation a little bit difficult. From the Taipei City Mall, we finally made it to the Nova (a computer shopping mall). For some kinds of computer components, prices in there were much cheaper than in Jakarta, such as for the LCD Monitor where 22" LCD costs only less than 250USD (it's at least 350USD in Jakarta...). Unique equipments such as the NAS devices or RAID cards are also more easily found in there (those are rare items in Jakarta).

It was heavily raining at the time we exited from the Nova shopping mall, therefore we went to a nearby building (a department store, it's called Shinkong Mitsukoshi if I'm not mistaken) and have our lunch there. We went back to another underground mall (Easy Mall?) after that, got lost again, and finally made it back to the Taipei City Mall because Ms. Henny wanted to return there to buy something.

We went back to the Hostel after that, and together with teams from Hong Kong, we were transported to the Airport with a small bus. The airport itself is actually under some minor renovation. We checked in, passed the immigration, and finally boarded the Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong team took the China Airlines flight.

We arrived in Hong Kong without much problem. I recharged my Octopus card (the one I used last year) while some of the others bought a new one. We then took the A11 CityFlyer bus to the Causeway Bay area. Been there for quite a while last year, I know exactly the location of HK Hostel right after we arrived. We checked in there without much problem, and left our baggage there for a late dinner. Returned to the hostel and found out that the WiFi connection is not working at all in our room (as opposed to the "Free WiFi" as advertised). The hostel room itself is quite clean, although it's a shame that it did not have any real window. Timo and Kenny had to go somewhere outside to find the WiFi signal while I just take a rest after the long day.

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-Andrian Kurniady

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