Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 4 (December 15th) - Singapore Sightseeing

In the fourth day, the team who stays in Fort Canning lodge moved to Summer View hotel, while Kenny and Timo moved to Kenny's brother's place. We go around the city, visiting Chinatown and had some lunch over there. Some of us bought some souvenirs there (which was cheap) but none remembered to take any photos there.

At the afternoon, we returned to Summerview hotel to take some rest. I went to Sim Lim Square to purchase the laptop that my friend ordered, the MSI Megabook GX600X. The transaction was smooth and convenient using the Mastercard Platinum credit card I had, and the laptop was great.

On the afternoon, Felix Halim, Ms. Ang Ing Ing, William Anggakusuma and his girlfriend, and Kenny's brother joined us on dinner in the Newton Circus (a hawker centre, but more expensive as it's more targeted to tourists). The dinner itself was once again, excellent.

After the dinner, we made some time to visit Orchard Road, which has been beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Because it is a Saturday night, the road was so crowded and there was some concerts as well.

We also visited the Kinokuniya bookstore, located in the Takashimaya building (a shopping mall).

The journey ended as we returned to the hotel for a rest.

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-Andrian Kurniady

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suhendry said...

Iya sayang banget lupa foto-foto di China Town, kayaknya bagus kalau ngambil foto di lorongnya itu... "cina" banget :-D Pancoran versi upgrade (upgradenya karena bersih doank :p)

journey idea said...

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