Sunday, January 27, 2008

Christmas Miracle - Wildcard to the World Final


After the conclusion of the ACM ICPC Asian Regional Contest - Singapore Site, we were quite disappointed with the results (as we did not win in Taipei and did not win in Singapore as well). I started trying to return to normal life again, since there was so many projects to be done (and was not done previously because of the ACM ICPC competitions I had to attend).

However, on December 24th, 2007, a while after returning from the Church (it was Christmas Eve afterall), I got a message on YahooMessenger from Timotius Sakti, that our team was qualified to attend the ACM ICPC World Final in Banff, Canada in April 2008. He got the news from some web pages after a search in Google, which is about the Asian ICPC Teams qualification after the calculation (the regionals have just ended with Amritapuri as the last Asian site in the year). I searched in Google immediately and found this page (in Korean). The content is quoted from Mr. C.J. Hwang's email to Asian regional contest directors (RCDs), and states that the following team qualifies for the world final.

2007-2008 ACM-ICPC Asian Teams to World Final
1. Tsinghua University (TBD) [Himalaya Dragoons or Coldor] - China
2. Peking University (Excalibur) - China
3. Zhongshan University (ZSU_Merak) - China
4. Bangladesh University of Engineering &Technology (BUET Sprinter) - Bangladesh
5. National Institute of Technology Trichy (KILLALL) - India
6. Fudan University (Amethyst) - China
7. Seoul National University (WE ARE BUT MEN, ROCK!) - Korea
8. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Prime) - China
9. National Taiwan University (TBD) [puyo or Colorful-bee] - Taiwan
10. Sharif University of Technology (M’kay) - Iran
11. Kyoto University (echizen.bat) - Japan
12. The University of Tokyo (Unknown) - Japan
13. Amirkabir University of Technology (Dreamers United) - Iran
14. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (E=) - Honk Kong
15. Zhejiang University (Othello) - China
16. Indian Institute of Technology Madras (XTC++) - India
17. University of Natural Sciences-VNUHCM (HCMUNS-BUGS) - Vietnam
18. National University of Defense Technology (Robust) - China
19. Nanyang Technological University (baX) - Singapore
20. Hong Kong University of Science& Technology (HKUST-2) - Hong Kong
21. Tianjin University (Tju_Wizard) - China
22. Shandong University (SDU_Solipsis) - China
23. Beijing University of Posts &Tele-communications (Fourth) - China
24. BINUS UNIVERSITY (YoiMon) - Indonesia
25. Chennai Mathematical Institute (SilasticArmorfiends ) - India
26. Beijing Jiao Tong University (MagicFlyer) - China
27. Nanjing University of A. A. ( Atom Center) - China
28. Wuhan University (gcc) - China
29. Information & Communications University (Winter Coders) - Korea
30. University of Electronic Science & Technology of China (UESTC_ACMilan) - China
31. University of Tehran, CS Dept (++a) - Iran

So, our team name is in it, and I will go to the world final for the second time in a row. After some more searching, we found out that we actually got qualified from the Taipei Site. The slot for Taipei site this year is 1.98, and that means 5 top teams got qualified from there (we were ranked fourth, so we're included).

That was the best Christmas present I ever had in my life. Thanks God! :)

-Andrian Kurniady


suhendry said...

iya hoki masih dilolosin, padalah gw udah lepas aja tuh :-D 2nd World Final artinya udah ICPC terakhir, ayo mon! mana lu udah kelar belum urusan-urusan non-algonya? si timo udah belajar terus dari kemarin kemarin nih... (kenny gw belum cek juga..)

Kurniady said...

urusan-non-algo-nya lebih rumit dari rencana mon :P tapi karena selain urusan-yang-satu-itu udah beres semua, bisa lah multitasking (tapi kalo urusan-yang-satu-itu lagi processor load nya tinggi, algonya low priority jadi nggak dijalanin sama thread scheduler).

abis WF kali ini PENSIUN hahahaha...


suhendry said...

non-algoritmic problem emang lebih susah di solve mon :-P intuisi lebih diperlukan selain logika. ya... disetting lah priority cpu-nya biar balance dan gak bottleneck :-D atau dijadiin "motivasi" sebagai alternate solution non-algoritmic problem nya ;;)

Felix Halim said...

Mon, mon... elu orang ngomongin algo apa sih :P gak ngerti nih... Pake bahasa indo donk :P Yang non-algo yang kedua itu process namenya apa nih? :D Yang process loadnya tinggi itu? :D

Andrés said...

Congratulations Andrian!

I'd really like to go to the world finals... I didn't even advance to the regionals :(.

Fiona said...

komunitas orang pintar. sepertinya gw salah masuk blog. - -;

Andrés said...

Hello Andrian

How were the world finals?

Are you planning on making a write-up?


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