Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 8 (September 26th) - Returning to Jakarta

The last day was quite uneventful. I continue packing some of my things and had a lunch before my uncle and auntie drive me to the airport. The check-in process was, however, quite unpleasant. It was an extremely long queue on the Qantas economy class check-in (I guess that's the way Qantas do business, everywhere). We were queuing when a Qantas staff told some of the people to follow her, to the business class check-in counter (obviously to reduce the queue). After the check-in completes, the check-in agent told us to queue on the economy class next time (as he is in a business class check-in counter). Not a big deal but I guess that's kinda rude since it's not our intention to queue there initially (the staff told us to!). Maybe next time I'll try Singapore Airlines instead.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 7 (September 25th) - The Blue Mountains

The seventh day would be my last effective day in Sydney. As planned, the day was filled with a day tour. The tour guide speaks in Chinese, but it was rather okay since I can understand quite a bit of Chinese. At around 7am, my cousin took me to the place where the tour bus will pick me up, which is just across the street of Paddy's Market. There wasn't many people in the group, so there aren't a lot of waiting around involved in the day's trip. The first place we visited was the Featherdale Wildlife Park, located not far further than the suburb of Parramatta.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 6 (September 24th) - Downtown Sydney

Out of the scheduled events in relation to the Google Code Jam and the interviews, I'm finally free on my own for the sixth day. The plan for the day was for me to go downtown (my uncle and auntie's house is in Bexley, somewhere near the airport) with my cousin and his wife (who are going to work), and then wander around downtown Sydney for the whole day on my own. Got off the train from the St. James train station in Hyde Park, I started by getting my camera ready. This post will contain a lot of pictures instead of word, so make sure you've got enough bandwidth quota before reading more.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 5 (September 23rd) - Google Interviews

The fifth day in the series is not particularly interesting to be written. The day started with me getting up at around 8am, prepared, and went down to the lobby to have breakfast with Jack (from Australia) and Jonathan (from Malaysia) in a Subway outlet nearby. It was mildly raining at that time, but the weather got better later on. Andoko departed at around 11am, after we checked out of our rooms. I left my luggage with the concierge since I was going to go to my uncle and auntie's house only later in the afternoon after the interviews.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 4 (September 22nd) - Google Code Jam Onsite Regionals

The contestants were expected to meet at the hotel's lobby at around 9am that morning. By the time I got there, a few Googlers are already waiting in the lobby, and other participants came soon after. We then proceed to the Google Sydney office, which is located just a couple of minutes walking to the South. Participants are not allowed to take photos inside the office, so this one below the only photo I had in the building.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 3 (September 21st) - Wandering Around Sydney

On the Sunday morning, we had to the Four Points by Sheraton hotel at Darling Harbour, which is about ten minutes of walking away. Before departing, I took some time to take some photos of the Hyde Park and skyline behind it from the windows of our hotel rooms. In that morning, Andoko Chandra (my roommate for the next two nights) sent a message telling that he's already in Sydney, and already checked in to the Four Points.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 2 (September 20th) - Arrival in Sydney

The flight arrived like about half an hour earlier than the scheduled 6:35am in Sydney, but was followed by quite frustrating queues before the immigration (about 45minutes) followed by another some 45minutes queue for the customs (maybe it's the peak spring travel season?). By the time we got out of the arrival hall, it was nearly 8am already. I was picked up by my uncle and cousin who live in Sydney, while Irvan joined the other Indonesian team arriving from Singapore (Ardian KP, Prima, and Bramandia).

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 1 (September 19th) - Preparation and Departure

The preparation for this visit to Sydney was a bit rushed, in my opinion. But fortunately everything was set and ready when the time to depart came. My Australian visa was ready about a week before departure (a business visa), while the tickets was not finalized until two days before departure. I also had my new PDA phone (an HTC Touch Cruise, yay!) purchased just less than a week before departure, so I had not got enough time to fill it up with applications other than some GPS maps and musics. For this visit, I borrow a camera lens from my friend Cindy (a Nikon 18-135mm AFS DX lens) which turned out to be great (except for its clumsy plastic lens mount - which is nowhere as sturdy as the metal mount on all of my other lenses).

Sydney and Google Code Jam 2008

It's been a while since I got back from this trip, but here is the stories about my one week visit to Sydney last September. The last months had been quite busy for me and hence the delay in writing these stories. Processing and uploading the photos took quite a long time as well, mainly due to the quite slow internet connection I had in here. This visit is mainly to attend the Google Code Jam 2008 Onsite Regionals, in which I was assigned to Google Sydney office. An interview with Google Sydney also follows after the competition day, followed by a couple of days travelling around Sydney. Google covered the flight tickets, visa fee, departure tax, and the two nights stay in the Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Darling Harbour.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ACM ICPC Indonesia National Contest 2008

June is the time for the ACM ICPC Indonesia National Contest, just like last year. This year I participated with the 'kurniady' as the team name again (it's becoming a habit :lol: ), with Fiona Liausvia and Purnama, as a Binus International team. There was another team from Binus International as well but sadly they did not make it past preliminary.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 10 (April 14th) - Short Visit to Downtown Singapore, Return to Jakarta

In the last day of the journey, some of us decided to go to downtown Singapore. As Indonesians, we do not need any visa to enter Singapore. Passing through the immigration, we took the MRT right into the city. We visited a couple of malls around Orchard road, unfortunately at 9am Kinokuniya had not yet opened. I decided then to visit the Sim Lim Square to find if there were interesting computer parts being offered (unfortunately nothing was interesting in particular). The short visit ended at around noon when we decided to return to the airport.

Day 9 (April 13th) - Transit in Seoul, arrival in Singapore

There was not much to tell about the 9th day. We arrived in Seoul Incheon airport at round 5pm in the afternoon, went through the boring re-boarding process again, and soon take off en route to Singapore. It was around 11pm by the time we arrive in Singapore Changi airport Terminal 2, so we decided to go straight to the airport transit hotel. Since we are two days late arriving there, our free booked rooms were not available anymore. Waited for about an hour before there was vacant rooms (at around 2am), and we tried to sleep for a few hours. The transit hotel is quite a nice place to stay if you have a long transit over Changi airport, as you can rent the room in blocks of six hours (and it's not so expensive anyway).

Continue to Day 10

-Andrian Kurniady

Day 8 (April 12th) - Departure from Vancouver

The eight day is quite uneventful. The hotel's shuttle's driver was sick so we were sent to the airport with two taxi cabs paid by the hotel. The check in process was normal as well, and since the flight is quite empty, we were allocated one complete row for just the 6 of us. The Singapore Airlines' Boeing 777 has 3+3+3 configuration, so we have three empty seats inbetween, which is nice.

Day 7 (April 11th) - Tour of Downtown Vancouver

Being quite exhausted from the previous day, I woke up a bit late at around 8-9am. After having breakfast in the hotel, we went out (except Timotius, who chose to stay in the hotel) and bought the day pass for public transport on the nearby shop (as suggested by Anastasia). After asking the locals, we boarded the bus to downtown Vancouver (it's a kind of electric bus attached to the wire along the road.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 6 (April 10th) - Snow Storm in Calgary, Lost in Vancouver

The sixth day of the week was obviously the most unfortunate one. The day started with a long queue for checkout (seems that many teams depart at 6am), after which we boarded the Brewster bus operating for Banff Airporter. At 6am, the weather was quite clear (although cloudy) in Banff, but as we came nearer to Calgary, the snow started.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 5 (April 9th) - ACM ICPC World Finals, Awards, and Celebration

The big day started with the usual breakfast, after which we have ourselves ready in the front of the contest hall. Spectators (coaches, RcD, and other guests) are to enter the room and be seated first (at the respective spectator seats). Before entering, as usual the teams are offered some pictures with the trophy (and Mr. Poucher too).

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 4 (April 8th) - Opening Ceremony, Practice Session, Gondola Ride, and Downtown Banff

After the usual breakfast, teams are brought into the actual contest hall (Van Horne ballroom). The contestants are to be seated in their assigned workstations, accompanied by their coaches. Other spectators are to be seated at the back of the ballroom on the staged spectator seats.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 3 (April 7th) - IBM TechTrek and Excursion to Columbia Icefields

The third day begins with a breakfast (provided), which then continues to IBM TechTrek. Just like in last year's world finals, IBM presents their technologies as well as their Extreme Blue internship program. This year, they come up with their Rational Jazz collaboration framework which integrates collaboration tools such as instant messaging and such, into the Eclipse IDE.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 2 (April 6th) - A Visit to Lake Louise and Registration

Not having enough sleep due to the jetlag yet, we managed to wake up at around 8am in the morning and had some breakfast in the hotel. Since we arrived the day before at night, we haven't actually seen how the hotel look like. It turns out that it, like the photos of it available in the internet, looks like an old castle. Surrounding it is a combination of forest, mountains, and a river.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 1 (April 5th) - Departure from Jakarta and Transit in Vancouver

The first day of the journey is a very - very long day, because on our route we fly to the East, which means the day is longer than 24hours (for us who fly) since we passed through the International Date Line which scrolls us back to one day earlier. The whole thing starts in about 4AM, when I arrived at the Soekarno Hatta International Airport of Jakarta (CGK) - the team are all there by the time I arrived. Our first flight was with Singapore Airlines and departs at 6:15AM.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

ACM ICPC World Finals 2008 - Banff, Canada

The 32nd ACM ICPC World Finals was held in April 6 until 9, 2008 in Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada. Top 100 teams out of 6700 teams participating in the regionals were invited to attend the competition, which was held in the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, located in the town of Banff, which is located in Banff National Park - the biggest national park in Canada located in the state of Alberta. Last year, the event was held in Tokyo, Japan.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Christmas Miracle - Wildcard to the World Final


After the conclusion of the ACM ICPC Asian Regional Contest - Singapore Site, we were quite disappointed with the results (as we did not win in Taipei and did not win in Singapore as well). I started trying to return to normal life again, since there was so many projects to be done (and was not done previously because of the ACM ICPC competitions I had to attend).

Day 5 (December 16th) - Return to Jakarta

The fifth day does not have anything special in particular. We had some time to visit a new and huge shopping mall Vivocity which is located in the HarbourFront. Had a lunch in there and returned to the hotel to retrieve our luggages and depart to the Airport by MRT. The other team stays for a little while longer before catching the Valuair flight which depart two hours later than our Lufthansa flight.

Day 4 (December 15th) - Singapore Sightseeing

In the fourth day, the team who stays in Fort Canning lodge moved to Summer View hotel, while Kenny and Timo moved to Kenny's brother's place. We go around the city, visiting Chinatown and had some lunch over there. Some of us bought some souvenirs there (which was cheap) but none remembered to take any photos there.