Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 1 (November 22nd) - Departure to Taipei

We gather at the airport in the morning (as usual), checked in for a Cathay Pacific flight to Taipei with a transit in Hong Kong. I was actually looking to use the airport lounge facility provided by my Mastercard Platinum card from Standard Chartered, but there is no lounge in the Terminal 2-D showing the sign for Standard Chartered (well, in their website they say it should be available). Therefore we proceed to the normal waiting hall.

YoiMon team : Kenny, Timo, and me

Nothing much happened out of the plan, as the flight departed and arrived in the Hong Kong International Airport at around 3pm. We have to transfer to another Cathay Pacific plane which will take us to Taipei.

Arriving at Taipei Tao Yuan International Airport, Ms. Henny took a while to convert the USD (BINUS' money) into Taiwan Dollars. Going out from the departure hall, we were picked up by someone arranged by the organizing committee and were transported into Taipei City with a car (which takes nearly two hours since Tao Yuan is actually a satellite city outside Taipei, just like Narita to Tokyo). I was really hungry and thirsty by the time we arrive in Taipei Teacher's Hostel (which is quite nice and clean).

The hostel is located adjacent to the Chiang Kai-Sek (CKS) memorial hall and also next to a street having many restaurants. Just like last year in Kaohsiung, just across the street was a branch of 7-11 (there is even also another one just at the next block). We went out for our dinner and have it in a restaurant serving SouthEast Asian dishes which is specialized in noodles (ramen). It was a very nice dinner since I haven't eaten a lot during our flights.

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-Andrian Kurniady

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