Saturday, September 1, 2007

Site Move Completed

Due to several considerations on performance, support, features, and pricing of my previous hosting provider as well as several candidate hosting providers, I finally decided to move out this site from MasterWebNet (an Indonesian webhost) to DreamHost (USA based) with email hosted in Google Apps (a free service by Google, providing a maximum of 100 email accounts with each 2GB of space as well as the nice GMail user interface).

With the promised storage quota of 200GB and 2TB of monthly transfer in DreamHost, I decided to try their service with a 97 USD promotional coupon which gives me the first year of hosting for only about 22 USD including a domain name. Having tried for two days, I would say that I am quite satisfied with the performance and features, which is by far superior to my previous webhost. You can use my coupon code KURNIADY97 to get the 97 USD discount in case you want to follow my path. (Disclaimer: I personally give NO warranty though about your experience with DreamHost).

Moving the WordPress blog is not as simple as I thought, because the old one is using version 2.0.5 while DreamHost provide the newest version, 2.2.2 as a database copy failed. Thus I used a WordPress export plugin on the 2.0. to export the old blog into some XML format and reimport it to the new one. However, pages were not moved correctly and thus requiring manual database edit. I also changed the theme and picture on the new WordPress installation, hope you like it.

I have also installed a gallery on my own, to replace Picasa as the place to upload my photos. This should allow me to use up the 200GB of space I have to store my pictures, in contrast to Picasaweb's limitation of 1GB. This means, there should be more pictures uploaded from now on.

Hopefully the new hosting settings improves your convenience in accessing this site. Cheers!

-Andrian Kurniady

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