Friday, June 22, 2007

ACM ICPC INC 2007 - Final Round Solutions

In this page I will try to explain the solutions I made during the competition for the problems that I solved, and some ideas I got about the problems that I do not solve. Please download and view the problem statements (available from Felix Halim's site) before reading, otherwise you may get lost on what I am talking about. I will explain it by the order we got it accepted.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The ACM ICPC Indonesia National Contest 2007

This year is the first year for BiNus to host a contest bearing the ACM ICPC logo, in form of Indonesia National Contest (INC) 2007. In previous years, BiNus organized a yearly competition called Bina Nusantara Programming Contest for College Students (BNPC-CS). As a preparation to host an Asian Regional Contest site in 2008, since this year, BNPC-CS is changed into ACM ICPC INC which is now a competition for teams of three peoples. This time, my team consists of myself, Dennis Andika Suryawijaya, and Peter Suryaatmaja, and I chose "kurniady" as the team name because I don't have any other idea for the team name :)