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Day 6 (March 16th) - Downtown Tokyo (West Part) : Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya

This is the last day of our stay in Hilton Tokyo Bay. We had our breakfast, packed our things, and went to the Monorail station. Switched a couple of trains before we made it to Ochanomizu station and walked to the Green Hotel Ochanomizu, Tokyo. Mr. Raymond accidentally left his IBM backpack in a train, reported to the station office, and was told to check again the next day.

(Photo taken by Mr. Raymondus Kosala)

Just like most of the hotels in Tokyo, the Green Hotel does not allow check in until 3pm, therefore we left our luggage there and plan to return later for check in. We then walked back to the Ochanomizu station to catch a train to Shinjuku.

Seems like it was a shopping district. It was quite late for a lunch, but we found a nice restaurant serving spaghetti in a very large portion (the waiter warned that it was for two person, anyway).

After lunch, we walked back to the Shinjuku station to catch another train to Harajuku. The Meiji-Jingu Shrine was located just right at the back of Harajuku station, and we arrived there just about the right time (a little bit late, actually, because it was dark enough to cause some difficulties in taking photos inside).

Inside the park was big, tall trees, a couple of gates, and a shrine. There was a place where people hangs their wishes written on wood plates. There was also a shop selling various kinds of charms. There was not much interesting things along the way out, by the way. The gate was already closed for new visitors by the time we exit the park.

The Omotesando street was located just across the park. There was a lot of shops and a couple of shopping malls on both sides of the road. We mistakenly read the maps, but finally made it to the Oriental Bazaar, a souvenir shop selling souvenirs and also kimonos.

We walked to Shibuya area which was not too far from Omotesando. It was a very crowded shopping district, with a lot of bright neon signs and tall buildings.

I captured an interesting scene of hundreds of peoples waited and crossed the street in a hurry when the lights turned green. We did not stop for shopping in Shibuya though.

Back from Shibuya, we checked in at the Green Hotel and went to the 10th floor where our rooms were located. I'm very surprised about the size of the room. It was about 2 by 3 metres in size and that includes a bathroom. There was an LCD TV inside as well.

It was about 10pm when we decided to go out for a dinner. The streets have become very quiet and a lot of shops have closed. We decided to take our dinner in a small restaurant near the hotel. Ordering the foods are done in a very unique way, where we picked and paid for the menu with a vending machine that gives us a ticked to be given to the waiter. It was very cheap (compared to other foods we ate in Tokyo) though. During the dinner, there was a Japanase woman having some conversation with Andoko in Chinese. She was very fluent in Chinese, having learnt it for four years.

After the late dinner, we walked back to the Hotel, and realized how cold it is in Tokyo that late at night in March.

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-Andrian Kurniady

(All photos are copyrighted, please ask for permission before reproducing)

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