Sunday, April 1, 2007

Day 3 (March 13th) - Techtrek and Excursion to Disney Sea

We woke up a little bit late today, but still got the time to have some good breakfast. Today, we will be going through the IBM's Techtrek program and to the DisneySea to have some fun.

The menu was a combination of Japanese and Western style of breakfast. Soon after that, we went down to the bus heading to the Ambassador Hotel, for the scheduled Techtrek program by IBM.

This program is basically a showcase of leading areas of the current research in IBM.

(Photo taken by Mr. Raymondus Kosala)

Somebody mentioned about Web 3.0 (3D internet), which is basically just like a massively multiplayer game (shown with the game Second Life). Another interesting project is the Genographic project, which tries to find the correlation of genetics from peoples around the world with the geographic environment they are in.

(Photo taken by Mr. Raymondus Kosala)

The other topic was about the SSME (Service Science Management and Engineering, if I'm not mistaken), a new field that IBM is trying to introduce to universities.

To our surprise, one of the speaker was Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of the famous Ruby programming language. He explained about what it takes to make a good software.

By the end of the Techtrek program, each of us were given an envelope containing the Ticket to DisneySea, as well as some money for lunch and dinner (3500 yen). The excursion was sponsored by IBM. We went out of the Ambassador hotel, walk through the Ikspiari complex to the monorail station, which brought us to the front entrance of Tokyo DisneySea.

Although it was a normal weekday, the theme park was still quite crowded. Most of the Japanese coming there were either couples or in a group (mostly girls).

We were very lucky to come in Spring, as flowers seems to bloom everywhere in the park. It was a sunny day, which gets quite windy at the evening.

Enjoyed the scenery and some attractions, it was time for lunch. The restaurant we went into serves mainly Chinese dishes. Unfortunately we did not remember to take any picture of it.

(Photo taken by Mr. Raymondus Kosala)

One of the interesting feature of the DisneySea was the "FastPass" ticketing system, which basically saves you from waiting in very long queues. When you come to an attraction site, you can choose to queue (the estimated queuing time is shown at the front), or take the FastPass ticket through a machine, which will allow you an entrance some times later without queuing. This way, you can save your time and go somewhere else and then return to have your turn in the attraction.

(Photo taken by Mr. Raymondus Kosala)

There are a lot of photo spots in DisneySea, and in these spots we always see some peoples taking photographs. In one of the places, Andoko was asked for help by two Japanese girls to take their pictures.

By 6pm, the sky darken and I spent some time taking some night shots while the others went queuing for the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" attraction. I wished a lot that I brought a good tripod with me at that time, or that at least my lenses were equipped with some image stabilization (Nikon calls it the Vibration Reduction technology). However, I managed to take some sharp photos with the help of walls and the wonderful 50mm F/1.8 lens I just bought before the trip.

It gets very windy by the time the others came out from the attraction site, and we rushed our way back to the entrance part of the park. We tried to find some place to have dinner but at the end decided to go back to the Ikspiari for better choices. The landmark in the front entrance was now beautifully illuminated by lights.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel, enjoyed the CyberCafe, and then went back to our hotel rooms.

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Andrian Kurniady’s Blog » Day 3 (April 7th) - IBM TechTrek and Excursion to Columbia Icefields said...

[...] fourth day begins with a breakfast (provided), which then continues to IBM TechTrek. Just like in last year’s world finals, IBM presents their technologies as well as their Extreme Blue internship program. [...]

Sierramay said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun that day. I love those photos that you have taken. This made me really excited for our next visit to Disney Sea.

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